Core Values that define this nation in the beginning are still true today.

Now is the time for us to return our government back to the people; a time for people like you and me to work as a team and advance our state. Let us reject those who abuse public trust. They infringe on Liberty and ignite Inflation by enacting destructive public policies. Those who think we can spend our way out of trouble are unwilling to do the homework to really solve problems. We must stop being satisfied with addressing symptoms instead of root causes. Wasting hard earned income with increased taxes and devaluation of income by printing money are the wrong-headed policies of too many career politicians. I am eager to do the homework required to make the government work for us.

I am calling you to be part of successful solutions. As constituents with direct and personal experience with the issues of our day, I want to hear from you. With 40 years of experience in industry working with teams to solve real problems, I will apply those skills as we work together.

No one person has all the answers. Solutions require research, and active lines of communications. Seeking truth is important to maintain our Liberty. As Benjamin Franklin said, America is a Republic “if you can keep it.”



TRUTH Never Changes