Building Tomorrow’s Oklahoma Today: Paul Hassink’s Vision

As your next State Representative, Paul Hassink pledges to champion initiatives that nurture economic growth, educational excellence, constitutional freedoms, and government transparency. Dive into how Paul plans to apply his engineering insight and regulatory expertise to tackle the issues at the heart of Oklahoma’s prosperity and uphold the values we hold dear.

Imagine an Oklahoma where businesses boom and innovation flourishes, where economic development isn’t just a goal but a reality.

Paul Hassink, with his engineering background and regulatory acumen, is the candidate who can make this happen. His pro-business approach means not just attracting new ventures but nurturing local talent and enterprises to foster a vibrant economic landscape. Paul’s leadership is about laying the groundwork for prosperity that benefits everyone in our state.

Rooted in a tradition of innovation and leadership, he’s set to engineer Oklahoma’s rise as a hub for business and opportunity, all while staying true to the values that make our state great.

With Paul Hassink, education is more than learning; it’s preparing for a lifetime of success in Oklahoma.

His vision focuses on tailoring education to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving job market, ensuring our youth have the skills needed for the jobs that will drive our state’s economy forward.

Paul’s approach is to invest in education that aligns with Oklahoma’s values and economic development goals, securing a future where our children are not just educated but are prepared, motivated, and excited to contribute to our state’s growth.

Paul Hassink stands firm in his belief that the freedoms our forefathers fought for are enshrined in the Constitution for a reason.

Drawing from his heritage as the son of European WWII survivors, he possesses a profound appreciation for the freedoms that define America.

He sees the right to bear arms not just as a constitutional provision but as a fundamental pillar of the liberty his family sought in America. Paul’s leadership is dedicated to ensuring that the sacrifices of the past continue to secure our freedoms today.

As a devoted father and grandfather, Paul Hassink believes in protecting life’s sanctity from its very beginning.

Understanding that every person, including the unborn, deserves inherent dignity, Paul advocates for expanding Oklahoma’s support structures, including increasing the number of baby drop boxes across the state.

His leadership is a promise to be a steadfast voice for the powerless, ensuring every life is valued and protected.

Paul Hassink is on a mission to untangle and illuminate the often complex financial webs that obscure transparency in government.

With an unwavering dedication, he vows to scrutinize Oklahoma’s budget, shining a light on how money is being spent, identifying where tax dollars are being wasted, and pinpointing opportunities where the State can save and return value to the taxpayer.

Having spent time literally figuring out where the wires go as an engineer, along with being appointed by Mayor GT Bynum and Governor Stitt to sit on boards, he is well-equipped to understand how money is being spent, where tax dollars are being wasted, and where the State can save money so it can be returned to the taxpayer.

Paul Hassink is committed to fortifying the bedrock of our republic: the integrity of every vote.

Going beyond just counting the votes, Paul advocates for a voting system where accuracy is paramount.

He believes that it is only eligible, verifiable voters participate in Oklahoma’s elections, through rigorous maintenance of voter rolls and mandatory voter identification.