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10/11/2022 -- Dave Radar and Weldon Watson endorse Paul Hassink (click to read in full)

“I ask you to join me in support of our Republican nominee Paul Hassink for State Representative. We are in a critical fight for the future of our state and nation, and we must have strong leaders who will protect our Oklahoma freedoms and stand with me against DC’s liberal agenda. Paul Hassink’s expertise from a career in building and protecting our power grid will be a valuable asset in the legislature, to ensure Oklahomans are protected and prepared against national security threats, and will assist us in making wise decisions in budgeting, managing, and meeting infrastructure development needs for Oklahoma families and businesses.”

Charles McCall, Oklahoma House Speaker

9/30/2022 -- OK2A Endorses Paul Hassink (click to read in full)

10/11/2022 -- NRA-PVF Endorses Paul Hassink (click to read in full)

6/2/2022 -- Tulsa Beacon Endorses Paul Hassink (click to read in full)

6/11/2022 -- Eugene McMahon Endorses Paul Hassink

Bob Wood2nd
Independent Consultant- Project Management &Construction Management

A man of integrity who spent his career working for the people of Oklahoma in the Electric Power Industry. I was fortunate to have had a chance to work with him for 5 years delivering Electricity to his region. I strongly recommend that people of integrity who have Industry experience … see more

Jeanette van Akelijen, PMP2nd

…and this is how you retire? Ha ha. I hope you win because you will be a positive influence in our government! Good luck!

Stephen Foster1st
Construction Project Manager at Comed (contract)

If i was in Ok, I’d vote for you. I worked with Paul for 8 or so years while i was working at AEP. It was a very enjoyable and challenging job. Between him and my mentor Brett, I learned a great deal in the utility business side and project management. Hi is an … see more



Peter Belkin2nd
Senior Engineer I at Electrical Consultants, Inc.

I worked with/for Paul for many years at AEP. While he and I are on different ends of the political spectrum, if I still lived in Oklahoma I would wholeheartedly vote for him. He is INTELLIGENT, HONEST, and has INTEGRITY. Those traits trump ideology. … see more

Bill Bojorquez2nd
Senior Vice President at Hunt Energy Solutions

I can’t think of a better congressman… no, I can’t think of abetter citizen. Best of luck Paul!

Kenneth A. Donohoo, P.E.2nd
Senior Advisor, Engineering at Electric Power Engineers, Inc

Looking great and good luck, we need more good engineers helping folks understanding.

Tim Cronemeyer • 1st
Capitol Interface Manager – ERCOT Region – AEP

Congratulations!!! Enjoyed working with you.