Dear family and friends, Christmas 2023

It’s been a busy, happy, wonderful year for the Hassink Clan. After closing our campaign for State Representative, we turned our sights toward the home front. At the end of January, Paul spent some time with his siblings in West Chester, PA, to participate in his mother’s Memorial Mass, and work with his brother and brother-in-law to prepare his mother’s home to be sold. In March, we adopted Lottie, a three-year-old Yorkie. She is very affectionate, and takes us on two-mile walks most evenings. In June, Pamela and her brother, Raymond, hosted a Pekowski Family Reunion in Slaton, Texas, 30 minutes from their parent’s home in Lubbock. Almost 80 people joined us for the three-day event including Pamela’s aunt and uncle on her father’s side (Aunt Jo Ann & Uncle Ray) and several cousins from as far away as Chicago. We also celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary with our bishop at Holy Family Cathedral and with our children on our anniversary weekend.

Johanna and Stephen were blessed with the birth of Josephine Louise on January 6th. We were present for her home birth and then stuck around for a few weeks to help with electrical work on their second story renovation. Josie was baptized at St. Rita Catholic Church in Dallas on January 21st and their friends, Jeff and Jill Masters, were her godparents.

Peter and Christine continue to keep busy with their five girls. Peter was promoted to an inspector for the City of Tulsa, helping with the City’s Vision projects. Christine continues to teach the principles of Catholicism through the Montessori-style faith formation program Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, and Peter helps out by creating the wood models for hands-on learning experiences.

Andrea and Mark were blessed with the birth of Timothy Joseph on May 29th. He was baptized at Tulsa’s Holy Family Cathedral on June 17th. Mark’s brother, Joe, and his wife, Monica, were Timmy’s Godparents. Mark earned his certification as a Land Surveyor in Oklahoma. Andrea continues to work as a Physical Therapist at Montereau Retirement Community.

Hillary and Aaron have had an eventful year. Aaron was promoted, in part due to an opportunity created by the corporate restructuring of Worthington Industries. He also underwent successful back surgery to remedy a decade-old spinal injury. Hillary continues to work part-time as a nurse at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and receives frequent attention for her large-scale holiday decorations. They also purchased their first minivan to make the cross-country trip to Tulsa a little more comfortable.

Veronica and Thomas were blessed with the birth of Violet Emilia on August 4th. She was baptized in Edmond, OK, at St. John the Baptist on August 27th. Thomas’s sister, Emily, and her husband, Tylar, were her Godparents. Thomas is completing his fellowship in Sports Medicine, and Veronica continues her work as a pediatric speech-language pathologist.

Diana was a bridesmaid in the wedding of a long-time college volleyball friend and roommate, Mary, who has always been like a sixth daughter to us. We are overjoyed to welcome her husband, Nathan, to our family as well! Diana started a new job as a travel nurse for Ohio Health. She continues to work night shift. Brady and Diana have been dating for over 3 years and are happily awaiting Brady’s first niece to arrive this coming April.

Paul has remained active in government, receiving appointments to the Sales Tax Overview Committee for the City of Tulsa, the Home Inspector Examiners Committee for the State of Oklahoma, and the Executive Committee for the Tulsa County GOP. He also helped to found the Rescue Coalition for Tulsa schools, supporting teachers, students, and parents to reform the local school system. Pamela is our Precinct Chair and canvased our neighborhood, encouraging voters to successfully defeat a recreational marijuana constitutional amendment.

In order to offer constituents the representation they deserve, we expect to run again for State Representative. Next year will likely be a whirlwind, but when you are on a mission, you embrace the journey.

May your Christmas and New Year be blessed, Paul & Pamela Hassink